Learning About the Rejuvenating Effects of Tongkat Ali

Learning About the Rejuvenating Effects of Tongkat Ali

Supplementing the diet with Tongkat Ali root extract allows men to boost their testosterone in a safe way for rejuvenation and anti-aging effects. This extract is a natural substance derived from the Eurycoma longifolia plant that was first discovered in Southeast Asia. People may also hear this plant referred to as Malaysian ginseng and pasak Bumi. It’s available in capsules and in a powder form that can be mixed in with beverages and food.

Rejuvenating Effects

Testosterone levels of men gradually decrease to a certain extent with age. Boosting levels of this male hormone with Tongkat Ali is known to help men feel more energetic and have an easier time building lean muscle. It also can increase men’s libido, which is intrinsically connected to testosterone. Additional potential benefits include better ability to burn fat, faster recovery from intense workouts and better joint health.

How It Works

Tongkat Ali stimulates the body’s own natural production of testosterone. It does not boost hormone levels directly, but instead appears to increase testosterone precursors and block the hormone cortisol. The body produces more cortisol when a person is under stress, and that hormone has negative effects on testosterone as well as on other aspects of health.

Expert Insight

A study published in 2013 found several positive results after participants took Eurycoma longifolia supplements for four weeks. The subjects were chosen because they all had reported being under moderate stress in their daily lives. Blood profiles taken after the month-long supplement regimen indicated increases in testosterone of nearly 40 percent on average and a 16-percent reduction in cortisol. Participants reported significant reductions in tension and anger. The researchers were mainly interested in the positive effects on stress hormones and mood.

Important Considerations

Of course, men still need to work out if they want to build muscle, and they should modify their diet if they aren’t eating healthy meals. A nutritious diet with a high-quality multivitamin product provides extra energy. Getting enough sleep is essential. The plan could be thought of as a four-prong program with Eurycoma longifolia as the herbal product supplementing diet, exercise and proper sleep.

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